Malicious Recordings

>>>> Malicious Recordings
Is a multi artist label based in Tampa Florida. Malicious Recordings was started by Malicious Mike to serve the underground dance community with hard hitting in your face electronica tracks from some of the scenes newest and freshest producers all feeding the scene with their own sounds and styles.

>>>> This label and website is all about the producers and not one individual. Malicious Recordings hopes to show the underground community how unity with artists from different areas, not to focus on one state or country, can contribute an array of flava to help keep the parties and clubs that support the scene knockin!

>>>> All of us at Malicious Recordings want to thank all of the people in the scene that make the scene and support producers. We can't do any of this without the ravers.

Keep Funkin as we do our best to serve you with some serious Funk!

Malicious Mike
September Mix
Jimmy Rhodes
October Mix
Dj Scrub
Control Your Roll 2006
Dj CorrupT
September Mix
Dj Rose
May Mix